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State Tree: Mangifera indica, Linn. (Mango,Aam,Aamba)

Mango is large evergreen tree with leathery leaves and dense round crown (foliage). Kokan region is famous for delicious alphanso variety of Mango trees. In Maharashtra, the flowers generally appear from January to march and fruits from April to July. "Kalpatru" for farmers, fruits of tree are of great importance, beside Mango is shade tree for avenue and camping ground. Its timber is used for tea boxes, packing cases and planks.


State Flower : Lagerstroemia speciosa, (Linn.)Pers. (Jarul,Taman)

Extensively found and cultivated in gardens and Forest parks in Western and Southern India, this large deciduous Lagerstroemia speciosatree with rounded crown is famous for its reddish violet inflorescence. The tree is found along the banks of rivers and streams in Western Ghats and Kokan region of Maharashtra. Leaves becomes reddish-brown before shedding during February-March and large terminal clusters of mauve flowers appear before April to June. Flowers are in full bloom during summer season.


State Animal : Ratufa indica� elphinstoni (Sykes)
( Indian Giant Squirrel,Shekaru)

One of the big seven different squirrels, Ratufa indica, are generally found in western ghats of southern tropical evergreen forest, specially near Bhimashankar (Pune). They live only at the top of trees and seldom come on ground. They move from tree to tree taking amazing leaps with limb outspread, covering as much as twenty feet in a single bound. They are active and agile animals. They are most active in early hours of the day and in the evening. They are shy and wary animals and not easy to discover. Its loud and rattling call, off repeated usually reveal its presence. This squirrel usually live alone or in pairs.


State Bird : Treron phoeniocoptera (Latham)
(Yellow-Legged Green-Pigeon,Hariyal)

A stocky yellow olive green and ashy gray pigeon is found throughout Maharashtra. These gregarious and arboreal bird are commonly found on road side trees, particularly Fig trees, when in fruits and also in gardens. While flying, swift strong and direct, these birds whistle up and make flapping sound. Nesting season is mainly March to June.