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  • Transformation of forestry into an important sector in the states economy
  • Ensuring stability of Eco-system.
  • Ensuring equity of the various stakeholders in using the forest resource (especially needs of local community)
  • Enhancing productivity of resources.
  • Increasing forest cover.
  • Conservation of Gene pool and Bio-diversity.
  • Becoming a responsive and transparent organisation.




  • To recommend to the State and Central government, policies which will provide an enabling environment for various non-governmental players to play and active role in this sector.
  • To generate and disseminate knowledge and information relevant to the sector to various stakeholders and provide Research & Development support to the sector.
  • To regulate the activities of various players involved in forestry sector development.
  • To undertake co-ordinated planning along with the other government departments and agencies.
  • To develop a pro-active interface with political and executive arm of the government and public
  • To act as a nodal agency at the grass-root levels in the forest lands.


  • To develop skilled manpower base for the sector.
  • To ensure technology upgradation.
  • To promote a strong research base and build up an effective institution for effective knowledge management.


  • To maintain accurate and reliable data and information on forest resources and undertake periodic resource monitoring.
  • To ensure effective and efficient management of forest estates under its control.
  • Upgrade quality of land by soil and water conservation measures.
  • To identify, map and conserve bio-diversity rich areas.

To promote efficient utilization and value addition of forest produce including promotion of substitutes.